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Here we will tell about our journeys in the Mediterranean and Scandinavia.



We ordered a new boat in February, and we sold our "old" boat in March. 

I sailed the boat from Mou 1st of June., READ HERE

Ny båt ble bestilt I februar, og den "gamle" ble solgt I mars.

Båten ble hentet I Mou 1. juni, SE HER

June: The first weekendtrip was in company with Ivar's schoolmate.  We were in Sweden and Hvaler.   Totaly 75 nmJ


 The weekend after I sailed with my cousin Terje and my best friend Lars to Bolærne and Sweden.

  Total  108 nm



July and august: Petra and Bjørn choosed to spend the summer holiuday in Sweden. Lot of low pressure and unstable weather both July and August.  We planned to sail along the coast of Sweden all the way to the south part, and also visiting Copenhagen.  Due to the bad weather we changed plans.

  Total 612 nm



October:  Petra, Bjørn, Ivar and Stian went to Athens for autum holiday.  We changed plans underway, but everybody had a nice trip.

   Total  205 nm


October: Bjørn arranged a trip for the union members in October.

  Totaly  125 nm





EASTER HOLYDAY: Sandefjord-Strømstad-Drøbak-Oslo-Son-Sandefjord

 We started in nice weather with good wind from south.  First to Strømstad 5,5 hours.  Rainy weather in Sweden but reaching north in good wind. Calm sea in the fjord.  Headwind in the way home, and rough sea in the outer part of Oslofjord.  Quit few yatchts to see. Necessary with dieselheater.  We could not fill fresh water.

Total 179 Nm


May-june: Trip til Croatia

We both stayed in an appartment in Split and sailing this holyday. Nice to be in Split.  Not the best weather during the sailing periode.

Total  150 nm



JUNE: Sandefjord to Stavanger

I got company from my former collegue, Hans Øvrum, on the trip from Sandefjord to Stavanger.  The boat was berthed in Stavanger while I did my working periode at Jotun.  Petra arrived Stavanger while I went onshore, and we sailed the coastline to Molde..

Total 297 Nm

June/July:  Stavanger to Molde

Petra arrived Stavanger when I finished my workingperiode on Jotun.  We went to Preikestolen, Skudefestival, Rosendal, Bergen, Sollund, Måløy, Ålesund, Geiranger and Bjørnsund.  This was a cominated holyday and our wedding which took place in Molde 21st of July.

 Total 365 nm J


August/september: Return from Molde to Sandefjord

I did my working periode before getting back to Luna and sailing homewards.  My collegue Gunvar joined me the first leg.  A friend of mine, Oddbjørn Moen, joined me from Stavanger

Total 507 nm


September: Trip to Sweden and Østfold:

Petra and me did a nice weekend trip to Koster, Skjeberg and Strømstad.

Total 154 nm


October. Trip to Rhodos during autumn holiday

In company with Ivar and his friend, Tord, we went to Rhodos.  Sailed along the coast of Rhodos, against Turkie, north and west.  Very nice weather.  Lot of swimming and snorkling

Total  369 nm


Summary for 2006: We have been sailing with Luna about 1600 nm, from April to October .  In the Mediterranean we have sailed about 510 nm. All  without any accidents or trouble 



APRIL:  Mou- Skagen- Hamburgsund- Sandefjord

Total  165 Nm


JUNE-JULY:  (Trip around Peliponnisos) Athen- Kanakia- Korintkanalen- Korinth- Kiato- Patra- One House Bay- Vathi- Sivota- Kefalonia- Zakinthos- Katakolon- Pilos- Korini- Porto Kayio- Monemvasia- Leonido- Koialdhia- Porto Kheli- Poros- Angistri- Athen

Totaly 673 NmJ


AUGUST: Sandefjord- Strømstad- Fjellbäcka- Lysekil- Göteborg- Marstrand- Hamburgsund- Tanum Strand- Koster- Sandefjord.

Total  256 Nm



APRIL-MAY:   Aegina- Poros-  Hydra- Spetses- Kiparassi- Monevasia- Kithera- Milos- Serifos- Aegina- Athen

Total  402 Nm

Our first trip to the Medeterranean started 27th of April and ended 10th of May.  We had all kind of werathers.  Temperatures in tghe sea was 19-20 degC, and in the air 17-30 degC.  May seems to be a nice periode to sail here, not too warm and easy to find place in marinas and harbours.  We started in Kalamaki which is our base.  We sialed to Poros, Hydra and all the way to the south end of Peloponnes and to Kithera.  The winds took us to the Cyclades.


JUNE:   Athens- Porta Rafti- Megalo- Panayia (Evia)- Nea Marimari- Andros- Tinos- Serifos- Kithnos- Kea- Athen

Total  318 Nm

The second trip was from 15th of June to 29th of June

Also this time we started in Athens.  We sailed easterly to Evia, planned to sail around this big island and then to The Sporades, but also this time the wind made us to change plans.  We set southerly  course to the Cyclades, to Andros and Tinos.  Very comfortably temperatures, the seawater 27-30 degC and air 25-35 degC.  Like the other trips we also had all kind of weathers.  No problem finding a place to overnight.


OCTOBER:   Athens- Fokia- Kithnos- Siros- Tinos- Mykinos- Paros- Kithnos- Athens

Total  246 Nm

VThe 3rd trip was from 10th to 19th of October.  Very nice periode to sail around.  Still about 27-29 degC in the sea, and daytemperatures  20 to 27 degC.  Some smoother during nights at this time of year.  Started in Athens, going east to the Cyclades, to Kithnos, Siros, Mykonos and Paros.  No problem to find place to anchor or berth.  Very comfortable winds also. We also had a nightsailing, quite different from our coast.  Almost no navigationlights and the caractestics of the lights have been changed compared to the map!






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